None of the products can be returned or exchanged for any reason and products once sold are not liable for returns or exchange. Any complaints has to be raised within 24 hours of receipt of the product.

Exception to the above rule is given below:

No Exchange and Refund Policy for Missing Products:
- In the event of a missing product claim, where the customer succeeded to provide an appropriate and accurate unboxing video as proof, the resolution will be limited to the issuance of an e-voucher equivalent to the missing product's sale price. This ensures consistency and fairness in handling such cases.

Resolution for Wrong, Leaked, or Defective Products:
- To simplify and streamline the process, we suggest specifying that only two resolutions will be provided for cases involving wrong, leaked, or defective products – an e-voucher or a replacement product. This eliminates ambiguity and expedites the resolution process for our customers.


An order placed cannot be modified. Similarly if the customer desires so, an order can be cancelled before shipment. Once it is shipped, it cannot be cancelled and it can be cancelled only when it is returned to our office. In such cases the order value will be refunded after deducting the courier charges and payment gateway charges that would be 120₹. The refund will be done within 15 days from the date of cancellation.
Pre dispatch cancellation refunds will be only in the form of E- Voucher